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Cosmological Illustrations

Cartesian Cosmological Illustrations

This website is a collection of Cartesian cosmological illustrations. It aims to offer digital access to seventeenth-century printed images related to cosmology in Descartes's writings. The general goal of this collection is to provide a convenient tool for performing research upon Cartesian cosmological illustrations.

The collection is developed by Mihnea Dobre under the framework of the research project Early Modern Cosmology Between “Mosaic Physics” and Mechanical Philosophy (1650-1713), PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-0710.

More details regarding the collection are available here: Dobre, Mihnea, Babeș, Ovidiu, & Bujor, Ioana. (2020, June 5). Cartesian Cosmological Illustrations: a digital approach. Zenodo.


In order to navigate the website, use the buttons "Next"/ "Previous" at the bottom of the page. The menu offers quick access to pages and the search function allows searches by title, keywords (description) or year.

Sources included in the collection can be accessed through the links provided in the title of each work below:

Principia (1644)

Principia (1650)

Principia (1656E)

Principia (1656J)

Principia (1657)

Principia (1664)

Principia (1664W)

Le Monde (1664)

Principia (1672)

Le Monde (1677)

Principia (1677)

The illustrations from Descartes's correspondence: Lettres de M. Descartes, 3 vols., ed. Claude Clerselier (Paris: Charles Angot, 1657-1667) have been included: